中学生英语·中考指导版 2014年9期


第一节  听小对话,回答问题,请从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选择符合对话内容的图片。对话仅读一遍。

(    )1. What will the weather be like later on?

[A. B.   C.]

(    )2. What kind of person is Sandy?

[A. B.   C.]

(    )3. What kind of instruments did Jane use to play ?

[A. B.   C.]

(    )4. What is needed for the picnic?

[A. B.   C.]

(    )5. What will the woman like to use ?

[A. B.   C.]

第二节  听小对话,回答问题,请从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选择正确的选项。对话仅读一遍。

(    )6. How did he study for the English test?

A. By reading the textbook. B. By listening to the tapes.

C. By making vocabulary lists

(    )7. What animal could Kathy keep?

A. A dog.   B. A fish. C. A spider.

(    )8. What job can Mike do?

A.  A shop assistant.   B. A waiter. C. A teacher.

(    )9. What will Mr. Smith do during the holidays?

A. He will go home.     B. He will go to some places.   C. He will stay at home.endprint

(    )10. What are they talking about?

A. They are talking about the great inventors in the world.

B. They are talking about the great inventions in the world.

C. They are talking about the Four Great Inventions (四大发明) in China.

第三节  听独白,请根据独白的内容,从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选择正确的选项完成下面的表格。独白读两遍。

[    Person    Music they like   Reason

I Rock music Its    11   .

My    12     Dance music She enjoys dancing.

My best friend Jazz music Its really    13   .

My brother Dance and rock music They are    14   .

My mother   15    music She likes relaxing music.]

(    )11. A. slow             B. shocking           C. exciting

(    )12. A. classmate           B. sister               C. friend

(    )13. A. gentle             B. cool               C. powerful

(    )14. A. mysterious         B. classical.           C. amazing

(    )15. A. Light             B. Folk               C. Country



(    )16. Lin Tao is _____ honest boy, so we all like him.

A. (不填) B. a C. an D. the

(    )17. —Is your brother afraid of the dark?

—Yes. He always goes to sleep with the bedroom light _____.

A. off           B. in           C. at             D. on

(    )18. —Have you got the information _____ you need to use for the report?

—Not yet. Ill try to find some on the Internet at once.

A. that B. who C. when D. where

(    )19. The book _____ by the young writer sells well. It is popular among middle school students.

A. was written     B. writing       C. wrote       D. written

(    )20. —What can we do to help others?

—We can _____ a food bank to help hungry people.

A. put up         B. set up   C. pick up     D. show upendprint

(    )21. I got to the party late. By the time I arrived, some people _____ home already.

A. went         B. would go       C. had gone       D. have gone

(    )22. —Amanda, you look tired today. Whats wrong?

—I worked _____ late _____ I didnt go to bed until midnight yesterday.

A. too; to     B. so; that     C. not only; but also   D. such; that

(    )23. —How did Jim pass the exam?

—He worked day and night for two month. _____, he passed it.

A. In the way       B. By the way       C. On the way     D. In this way

(    )24. —What did he say just now?

—He asked me _____.

A. when my sister came back         B. when did my sister come back

C. when my sister will come back       D. when my sister comes back

(    )25. —Its raining heavily. Lets stand under that big tree.

—_____. Its very dangerous to do so in such weather.

A. We dont have to   B. Lets go       C. All right       D. Wed better not



Are your parents “helicopters” (直升飞机)? Thats a new term I read about. It means parents who “hover over” (盘旋) their children. The    26    about every little thing in their childs life: Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? Too hot? Too cold? Do you need more books?    27    pens? More anything? More everything?

These    28    love their children and want to    29    that everything in their life is perfect. Some kids may become upset but    30    like being pampered (纵容). The pampered kids like the idea of being waited on hand and foot. They like the idea of not    31    to make decisions.

I dont think this is a good idea. I think its important for kids to do things for    32   . I think its important for kids to make decisions. This    33    them grow up. It helps them to    34    an independent (独立的) and responsible (负责任的) person.

35    can you become independent and responsible? Its easy, just    36    with little things. You can make your own meals sometimes for help with the cooking. You can also    37    your own bed and clean your room. You can    38    your parents that you can be responsible with money.endprint

Your parents are “helicopter”    39    they love you. So, tell them that you understand and that they really shouldnt worry. Tell them they can “   41   ” the helicopter because you are a responsible kid.

(    )26. A. worry B. change C. collect D. bring

(    )27. A. Many B. Much C. More D. Most

(    )28. A. children         B. parents C. grandparents D. teachers

(    )29. A. make up           B. make sure     C. make of     D. make from

(    )30. A. another B. the other C. other D. others

(    )31. A. talking           B. doing C. giving     D. having

(    )32. A. himself           B. yourselves C. themselves   D. ourselves

(    )33. A. asks B. decides C. helps D. stops

(    )34. A. become B. learn C. believe D. develop

(    )35. A. Why     B. When C. How       D. What

(    )36. A. talk B. start C. dream D. finish

(    )37. A. make         B. repair C. sweep D. move

(    )38. A. teach     B. train   C. plan   D. show

(    )39. A. so     B. because   C. but   D. though

(    )40. A. land       B. invent C. make     D. design




[Developing school skills

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] endprint

(    )41. Tom needs to improve his study skills. If he takes the lessons, he has to spend ______.

A. $ 75 B. $ 100       C. $ 120 D. $ 135

(    )42. If you want to build your vocabulary, you will take ______ lessons.

A. 37 B. 43         C. 60   D. 70

(    )43. The books in the picture are for ______ to develop school skills.

A. students of lower grades

B. students of different levels

C. both parents and children

D. both teachers and students


A passenger told an air hostess that he needed a cup of water to take his medicine when the plane just took off. She told him that she would bring him the water in ten minutes. Thirty minutes later, when the passengers ring for service sounded, the air hostess flew busily. She was kept so busy that she forgot to give him the water. As a result, the passenger was held up to take his medicine. She hurried over to him with a cup of water, but he refused it.

In the following hours on the flight, each time the airline hostess passed the passenger she would ask him with a smile whether he needed help or not. But the passenger never paid attention to her. When he was going to get off the plane, the passenger asked the airline hostess to hand him the passengers brochure (小册子). She was very sad. She knew that he would write down sharp words, but with a smile she handed it to him. Off the plane, she opened the booklet, and broke a smile, for the passenger put it, “On the flight, you asked me whether I need help or not for twelve times in all. How can I refuse your twelve sincere smiles?” Thats right!Who can refuse your twelve sincere smiles from a person?

(    )44. What did the passenger need when the plane just took off?

A. A booklet to write something.

B. A cup of water to take his medicine.

C. The stewardess to make an apologize.

D. To get off the plane at once.

(    )45. Why did the air hostess forget to give him the water?

A. Because the passenger was angry.

B. Because the passenger was very cruel.

C. Because she was very busy.

D. Because she was not friendly to the passenger.

(    )46. The Chinese meaning of the underlined word “sincere” is ______.

A. 自豪的       B. 婉转的         C. 真诚的       D. 委屈的endprint

(    )47. Why was the air hostess very sad?

A. She thought the passenger would write down bad words.

B. She thought she couldnt give the passenger any help.

C. She thought the passenger would tell her manager.

D. She thought she should say sorry to the passenger again.


I never wanted a dog, but now Im so glad I have one. About two years ago, my wife, Cathy, got a little dog with a face only a mother could love. We named her Gertie.

Gertie is the kind of dog that has to grow on you. So I decided that the dog would be trained. This didnt quite go as planned. At 15 weeks old, she was nearly made to leave the Petsmart Training School. She spent every night lying in our bed-snoring (打鼾) so loudly that I hardly got a good nights sleep.

Then, about six months after she arrived, I felt that something in my heart was taking place, and I was unable to stop it. My behavior (行为方式) began to change. I began to smile at people when passing them in a street. I returned (招手) from neighbors. I started calling my kids, and to my surprise, they started calling me. I even tried to speak to my grandchildren over the phone once. I even was glad to listen to laughter from a 10-month-old granddaughter. The point is that I was changing.

My wife and I both agree that it is Gertie who has changed my behavior. Gertie is now nearly two years old and almost fully grown. I have come to like the pet little by little, though she is my wifes dog.

(    )48. What did the man think of the dog at the beginning?

A. It looked very beautiful.

B. It wasnt very lovely.

C. It wasnt necessary to be trained.

D. It could change his life.

(    )49. When did the mans behavior begin to change?

A. About two years ago.

B. When Gertie was nearly two years old.

C. When Gertie was 15 weeks old.

D. About six months after Gertie arrived.

(    )50. Which of the following is NOT mentioned about the mans change?

A. He began to smile at people           B. He liked helping his neighbors.

C. He started calling his kids.             D. He spoke to his grandchildren over the phone.

(    )51. What can we learn from this passage?

A. The dog has been trained very well.     B. The man has become more confident.endprint

C. The man has become more friendly.     D. The man likes the dog better than his wife.


Sugar—free beets (甜菜) that still taste sweet, tastier tomatoes and brighter-colored fruits and vegetables that stay ripe (熟的) longer are all foods that are being grown now. How can they carry traits, such as being tastier, brighter, and riper? They are genetically engineered.

Genetic engineering (基因工程) is like making a change in a recipe. For example, when you make cakes, you mix together all of the usual ingredients. If you add an extra ingredient, like salt, the cakes will taste differently.

Genes are ingredients in the recipe for life. They carry the traits of living things. Your genes dictate what color hair and eyes youll have, how tall youll be, as well as many other traits. Genes carry traits for plants, too. By adding genes to a plant, you can sometimes create new traits. For example, adding a certain gene to a potato plant can make the potato plant distasteful to bugs (虫子). This makes some farmers happy because they dont have to use chemicals to keep bugs away from their plants.

It sounds great, but some people are opposed to the idea of food that is genetically engineered. Ronnie Cummins, from the Campaign for Food Safety, is against it. He says that one of the major concerns is allergies (过敏). Supermarkets dont always label foods that are genetically engineered. A customer could unknowingly buy food that has an added gene from another plant that he or she is allergic to. It could be dangerous.

Gary Burton from Monsanto, a seed (种子) company that engineers food, disagrees. He says his company tests for allergies. Burton believes that genetic engineering is a valuable tool for making better food. The technology can help farmers use less insecticide (杀虫剂) and grow healthier crops. Burton thinks there are many advantages.

But Cummins says that we just dont know what will happen in the future if we keep adding genes to foods. We could mistakenly create a monster.

People have different opinions about genetic engineering. One side supports it and thinks it will only help us. The other side is opposed to playing with nature and fears health risks. Which side do you think is right?

(    )52. What could be a good thing about food that is genetically engineered?

A. Its more expensive.

B. It could taste different.

C. It requires less insecticide.endprint

D. Its not labeled in the supermarket.

(    )53. In general, who does not support the idea of genetic food?

A. People from seed companies.

B. Farmers who use engineered seeds.

C. People from the Campaign for Food Safety.

D. Scientists who create genetically engineered food.

(    )54. It can be inferred that ______.

A. growing genetic foods will make farmers richer

B. people will eat more genetic foods in the future

C. using fewer chemicals could make the food tastier

D. there could be unknown dangers about genetic foods

(    )55. What is the best title of this passage?

A. Future Farming

B. Genetic Engineering

C. Foods with a Difference

D. Genetically Engineered Fruits

五、任务型阅读 (本题有5小题,每小题1分,共5分。)


(    )56. Living in another country can help you to learn a language, and about another culture. Many companies today need employees (雇员) who can speak a foreign language, or have the experience of living or working in another country.

(    )57. Most people want to be happy. But few know how to find happiness. Money and success alone do not bring lasting happiness. Happiness depends on ourselves. In other words, we make own happiness.

(    )58. “No man is an island” is a well-known line from John Donnes Devotion, written more than three hundred years ago. Even now people still agree with him. No one can live a completely isolated life. Without other people, life became empty and sad. We all need friends.

(    )59. When he was 18 years old, he wanted to go to film school so that he could improve his skills and become an even better director. Unluckily, he was unsuccessful in getting a place at this school so he went to a university in California to study English. Even though he had failed to get into the school he wanted to go to, he didnt let this stop him following his dream to become a great director.

(    )60. Which type of food will make a difference if you want to keep fit? If you eat more carbohydrates (碳水化合物) and proteins (蛋白质), your body will be pleased. If you eat too much fat and sweet, your muscles ( 肌肉) will start to break down.

[A. If you want to succeed, dont give up your dream.

B. Paying attention to what you eat

C. The Ad for looking for the employees.endprint

D. The secrets of Happiness.

E. No one can live without people.]



[A. succeeded   B. fresh   C. death   D. below   E. provide F. unless]

61. Night temperature usually falls                zero in winter here.

62. Lets open the windows and have some                air in here.

63. We tried our best to solve the problem. Finally we                .

64. Could you                me with information about student exchange programs?

65. Susan will not arrive at the airport on time                she hurries up.

66. He had to make a living by himself after his fathers               .


67. Well be able to finish the project                (容易).

68. Excellent teachers are usually                (感兴趣) in their students.

69. China is getting richer and stronger in the new                (世纪).

70. People are pretty                (放松) about time in Colombia.

71. Betty is a specially trained dog. She fills my life with p              .

72. Ten people were killed in the traffic accident, i               two babies.

73. My mother has been m               to my father for 30 years.

74. I think the telephone was i               in 1876.

75. Our hometown is d               very fast now.





参考词汇:share... with...; experience; interest; change; encourage; enjoy; happiness; confident



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