时代英语·高三 2014年5期

Sometimes doing something for yourself—even shopping—can give others a lift. Thats the case at charity (慈善机关) shops and non-profit stores such as Ten Thousand Villages which helps provide skilled workmen with money in developing countries. Their handicrafts (手工艺品) are sold throughout North America in 180 stores, 95 of them operated by Ten Thousand Villages. “People come into the store because we have a lot of interesting things, but then theyre drawn to us by the mission (使命) ,” says organization spokeswoman Juanita Fox.

“It just feels good to be making a difference when youre buying something.”

In the Alexandria, Virginia shop, generous display windows draw you in. They are filled with practical, attractive home furnishings in blue and white, all international in mood.

Once inside though, its clear that this isnt just another import store. On the wall behind the cash register is the following note: “Ten Thousand Villages provides necessary, fair income to Third World people by marketing their handicrafts and telling their stories in North America. Your Buying Makes a Difference.”

The store was opened in 1994 as part of a network of shops across the USA run by the Mennonite Church, which is based in Akron, Pennsylvania.

Currently, 60,000 skilled workmen from 32 countries provide goods to the stores, with all proceeds (收益) reinvested in the organization.

Management of the Alexandria shop is overseen by an all-volunteer board of directors. More than 40 additional volunteers help doing everything from working the register to unpacking stock.

Maria Yannopoulos got involved after visiting a store and getting to know another volunteer. “Since we are non-profit, we are really looking for value because the more we sell, the more jobs we can create. Giving someone job rather than charity helps in so many ways.”

1. The underlined part “give others a lift” in Paragraph 1 probably means “___ ”.

A. take others up and down to another floor B. offer others a ride in a car

C. make others think of plans D. make others more pleased

2. Why do a large number of people visit Ten Thousand Villages?

A. To live with the villagers. B. To find something interesting.

C. To enjoy the wonderful foods. D. To learn how to farm in the fields.

3. What is the purpose of the note about Ten Thousand Villages mentioned in the text?

A. To introduce the market. B. To tell the stories in North America.

C. To ask people to buy the handicrafts. D. To welcome people to Ten Thousand Villages.

4. From the last paragraph we can learn that ___ .

A. American shops are mostly operated by volunteers B. volunteers often make friends in stores

C. American volunteers like to run shops D. shopping can also be a kind of charity


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