时代英语·高三 2014年5期

In many British schools, the pupils usually wear their school uniforms to school on weekdays. However, recently the students at LVS Ascot Junior School in England wore something quite different. What they wore was what people wear when they go to bed—pyjamas (睡衣). They did this not only for fun, but for a local charity called Christophers Smile.

Christophers Smile was set up in 2011 by Karen & Kevin Capel whose only son Christopher died of cancer at a young age. They hope their charity will help pay for more research into childrens cancers. Since then, the charity has raised a lot of money and gotten more and more volunteers. Every year, thousands of people take part in different activities such as charity walk or run to show their support for Christophers Smile.

The students of Grade 6 at LVS Ascot Junior School also wanted to do something for the sick children. They organized the event “Pyjama Day” to support Christophers Smile. “We wanted to raise money for our charity in a way that the whole school could join in it, so each pupil paid£1 to wear his or her pyjamas to school on Pyjama Day,” said the young organizers. Both the students and their teachers took part in the event with great interest. Together they not only raised some money, but also had a good time.

1. Who set up Christophers Smile?

A. LVS Ascot Junior Schools teachers. B. The local government.

C. LVS Ascot Junior Schools students. D. Christophers parents.

2. For what purpose was Christophers Smile set up?

A. To spread knowledge about childrens cancers.

B. To educate students in LVS Ascot Junior School.

C. To help the local government do things for students.

D. To raise money for more research into childrens cancers.

3. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. The teachers give lessons on Pyiama Day in their pyjamas in LVS Ascot Junior School.

B. Few pupils wear school uniforms at school on weekdays in Britain.

C. Students in LVS Ascot Junior School dislike school uniforms.

D. All students in England need to wear pyjamas on Pyjama Day.

4. What should be the best title for the passage?

A. The Christophers Smile B. Fun and Charity

C. The Pyjama Day D. Childrens Cancers


奇怪的节日之睡衣日 Pajamas Day