能源 2014年3期

The Development of Biomass Energy Technology

In fact, the development of the biomass energy technology is not a problem, the market, environment, cost for the development are also in a good condition. It is a clean, limitless, abundant resource, and the cost that compared to wind and solar power is very low.

Because of the diverse geographical conditions, the status of our biomass energy is much better than the United States. The development of biomass energy must be based on raw material resource, diversified products. The main product of several biomass energy styles should be developed.

The Confusion of Coal Design and Tender

By the end of 2013, thirty nine Coal Institutes gathered to open a closed-door meeting in Zhuhai. Its about the end of the coal boom, orders of upstream design reduced, the Coal Institute communicated how to “transformation and development”.

In the morning of the meeting was the lecture by the officials of National Energy Board, after three institute described experience in the afternoon, the wind of the meeting turned to the problems of the industry, the low bid is the most focus problem. The presenter seemed excited on the stage, condemned the hazard of the low bid. At the end of the meeting, all the delegates promised that not to compete in the way of keep a lower price.

Oil and Gas Upstream Market in China

Whatever carry out an exit system, or exit a competitive grant policy, the aim is to promote the exploration and development of oil and gas resources, and one of the important way to achieve this goal is that release the barriers of oil and gas exploration and development to entry .

If the exit and competitive grant system has been largely regarded as a corollary, the next step seems to be discuss when to release the franchise policy of oil.

Although the upstream oil market has been monopolized and imprisoned, but the exit system announced that it seems like a hole, the hope of break the barriers can be seen from here.