中学英语之友·上 2010年2期


Mr. King lives in a village. He has a farm and __1__ hard on it. And hes very __2__ and has little time to travel(旅行). This autumn he picked a lot of apples in his garden. He sold them in the town and got much money and was going to travel in London. His wife asked him to take her there. He agreed __3__ her and a few days later they took a train and left for the capital(首都).

They visited some __4__ of interest, parks and a zoo. Mrs. King bought nice clothes for her family and they had a good time there. But one evening the woman felt unwell. Her husband had to take her to a hospital. But he didnt know __5__ the hospital was. He stopped a man and __6__, “Excuse me, sir? Which is the way to the hospital, please?”

The man didnt know London and he __7__ speak English. He said __8__ to him and had to ask the others. He saw a few young men come __9__ a bar(酒吧). He came up to them and asked them the way. They all drank __10__. One of them said, “Youd better lie(躺) in the middle of the street. And soon they will take you to the hospital!”

1. A. sleeps B. works C. walks D. relaxes

2. A. busy B. kind C. free D. happy

3. A. to B. on C. in D. with

4. A. place B. garden C. places D. gardens

5. A. what B. where C. which D. how

6. A. asked B. asks C. ask D. to ask

7. A. cant B. mustnt C. couldnt D. doesnt

8. A. thanks B. goodbye C. hi D. sorry

9. A. to B. out of C. in D. into

10. A. much too B. too much C. too many D. many


Mrs Green is 45 years old. She likes __1__. She hopes to be a dancer, but shes very __2__. She wants to be an actress, but she doesnt have any __3__ talent. Her voice is not good so she cant __4__ well. So people can see a piano, a violin and a guitar __5__ her room. She plays them, __6__ she cant play well.

One __7__, its very cold. Mrs Green plays the guitar in the room. Mr Green has to stand outside the room. Its ten and she wants to go to bed, but she doesnt see her __8__. She doesnt know where he is. She comes out and __9__, “What are you standing in the street for, dear?”

“I hope people __10__ Im not playing the guitar there!”

1. A. sports B. music C. shopping D. reading

2. A. healthy B. kind C. funny D. short

3. A. show B. learning C. running D. drawing

4. A. write B. speak C. sing D. watch

5. A. near B. behind C. in D. on

6. A. and B. but C. or D. so

7. A. school day B. morning C. afternoon D. evening

8. A. husband B. son C. father D. uncle

9. A. looks B. listens C. asks D. guesses

10. A. know B. ask C. answer D. talk


The Spring Festival is __1__ celebration(庆祝活动) for Chinese people. They start to get ready __2__ it before the festival starts. They buy __3__ food and some new clothes for family members. Chinese people like the festival because its a time for family __4__ together. People who work away from home come back to their __5__. Spring Festival is also a special travel season. Trains, buses and planes are always very busy. At the Spring Festival people enjoy __6__ by playing card games, watching TV and __7__ big dinners. __8__ the night of the festival, the Spring Festival Celebration Party is on TV for everyone to watch. Most people wait __9__ the clock to strike(撞,敲) twelve and send messages to their friends at that __10__ moment.

1. A. the big B. the strongest C. the biggest D. the largest

2. A. for B. to C. with D. at

3. A. a few B. lots of C. many D. a lot

4. A. for get B. getting C. to get D. gets

5. A. familys B. families C. homes D. house

6. A. ourselves B. oneself C. themselves D. himself

7. A. having B. have C. to eat D. to have

8. A. At B. In C. On D. For

9. A. / B. for C. at D. to

10. A. such B. quite C. very D. so


Oscar is a black bear. He likes going shopping.

One day, Oscar __1__ the shopping with his mother. When they got __2__ the supermarket, Oscar was very __3__. There were many things and many people __4__ it. His mother told Oscar __5__ her. They walked here and there and they __6__ some things. When they came to a shelf(架子) Oscar __7__ some boxes of chocolates. He wanted his mother to buy some __8__ him. His mother gave __9__ a box of black chocolates. Oscar shook(摇晃) his head and said, “I want a box of white chocolates.”

“Why?” asked his mother.

“I may bite(咬着) my fingers when I eat black chocolates __10__ night,” answered Oscar quickly.

1. A. did B. do C. to do D. does

2. A. for B. on C. to D. with

3. A. sorry B. happy C. sad D. good

4. A. on B. for C. at D. in

5. A. follow B. follows C. to follow D. following

6. A. bought B. took C. carried D. bring

7. A. looked B. watched C. read D. saw

8. A. with B. for C. to D. about

9. A. him B. to him C. for him D. with him

10. A. in B. on C. at D. for



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