七年级(上)Unit 9同步测试


中学英语之友·上 2010年12期


Ⅰ. 词汇。(共10小题,每小题1分,共10分)


1. China has a long h____. I love it very much.

2. This k____ of music CDs sells well.

3. We can l____ a lot from watching TV.

4. His sister is a s____ of Class Four.

5. I like watching TV, t____.


6. Jackie Chan is a famous ____ (act) of movie and TV.

7. What kind of movies ____ (do) June ____ (like)?

8. Jackie thinks comedies are very ____ (fun).

9. Edward is ____ (real) a good student in our class.

10. My Fathers Birthday is a very ____ (success) thriller.

Ⅱ. 单项选择。(共15小题,每小题1分,共15分)

1. Ben likes movies very much and wants to be ____.

A. an actor B. a teacher C. an artist D. a runner

2. The photos of Jackie Chan ____ Marias.

A. have B. is C. has D. are

3. I think the film is ____.

A. bored B. boring C. excited D. relaxed

4. Michele likes comedies ____ she doesnt like documentaries.

A. and B. or C. but D. also

5. Her ____ movie star is Gong Li.

A. enjoy B. like C. favorite D. love

6. Action movies and thrillers are different ____ movies.

A. kinds of B. kind C. kinds D. kind of

7. Mr. Edward ____, “Beijing Opera is fun.”

A. speaks B. tells C. talks D. says

8. Jackson doesnt want ____ to a movie.

A. go B. to go C. going D. goes

9. Rick likes comedies and Jackie likes comedies, ____.

A. else B. also C. too D. either

10. I often go to movies ____ my friend Jet on Sundays.

A. from B. for C. about D. with

11. Some ____ dont like tomatoes, ____ theyre healthy.

A. people; but B. peoples; but C. people; and D. peoples; and

12. We can ____ many interesting things ____ history from documentaries.

A. bring; to B. learn; from C. learn; about D. buy; from

13. Young people always ____ at night.

A. go see movies B. go to movies C. see a movies D. go to movie

14. “How is the movie?” “____.”

A. All right B. Im fine C. Yes, I think so D. Its funny

15. My brother Jack ____ to go to an action movie.

A. is want B. wants C. want D. to want

Ⅲ. 完形填空。(共10小题,每小题1分,共10分)

Li Yong is a student of Class Three. He is __1__ Grade Seven. He is tall. He likes __2__ TV and seeing movies very much. He __3__ not good at his subjects.

Zhang Li is Li Yongs desk-mate. She likes seeing movies, __4__. She is a tall and __5__ girl.

One Friday morning Li Yong talks __6__ Zhang Li in class. I ask Li Yong to stand up. “__7__ talk in class. You __8__ listen to me.”

“Im __9__, Mr. Wang. I dont talk with her. I ask her a question now,” says Li Yong.

“If(如果) you have any questions, please put up your hand and ask me.”

“Yes, Mr. Wang,” says Li Yong. “Would you like __10__ to the movies with me on Sunday?”

1. A. in B. on C. from D. to

2. A. watch B. watches C. watching D. to watch

3. A. does B. is C. has D. gets

4. A. else B. also C. another D. too

5. A. nice B. fine C. good D. glad

6. A. for B. to C. about D. from

7. A. Arent B. Isnt C. Dont D. Doesnt

8. A. may B. can C. have D. must

9. A. good B. sorry C. glad D. fine

10. A. to go B. goes C. to going D. go

Ⅳ. 阅读理解。(共20小题,每小题2分,共40分)


Li Ling has a travel to the city with her husband. When they come back, her neighbors (邻居) come to her house. “What do you think of the city?” asks Zhang Hong.

“There are some parks and many buildings in the city,” says Li Ling. “It is very beautiful. I love it.”

“Where do you stay?” asks Liu Ying. “We stay in a hotel. It is very large,” answers Li Ling. “The waiters are warm and the rooms are clean.”

“How do you like the people there?” asks Wang Lei. “The people in the hotel always nod(点头) and smile, when we meet them in the hallway,” says Li Ling. “The people in the city like saving electricity. The lights in the café are very dark.”

Li Ling takes some drinks to her neighbors and goes on, “The actors are the politest in the city. The third day evening we go to watch a play. The actors walk with their tiptoes (脚尖) when Zhang Tong is asleep in the theatre.”

1. Li Ling goes to the city to ____.

A. watch a basketball match B. visit it

C. buy a car D. see her friends

2. Li Ling stays for the nights in ____ during the travel.

A. a bus station B. a park C. a hospital D. a hotel

3. The waiters are very ____ to Li Ling.

A. friendly B. sorry C. mad D. angry

4. Li Ling watches a ____ in the theatre.

A. movie B. talent show C. ballet(芭蕾舞) D. TV play

5. Zhang Tong is Li Lings ____.

A. friend B. husband C. son D. father


Dear Rowan,

Im happy to hear from you. I miss you very much. I wish you can come here on vacation.

Now I answer your questions. I think movies are very good. Comedies are funny. Action movies are exciting and interesting. Thrillers are scary. Documentaries are not boring and we can learn something from them.

I dont go to movies because the cinema is a bit far from my home. My parents dont allow me to ride a bike to the cinema. There are too many cars in the street. Some young drivers like driving fast. The traffic is bad. My parents worry about me.

Many movies are for adults. They dont fit kids to see. The tickets of movies are too dear. If I go to a movie by bus, it will cost me two more dollars. I want to save money for my family. My parents work hard and make not much money.

I like movies but I cant go. I have to watch TV at home.

Please write to me soon.



1. Edward has got a ____ from his friend.

A. ticket B. letter C. present D. toy

2. Edward was ____ to his friend at the desk.

A. talking B. running C. writing D. singing

3. Edwards parents dont allow him to ____.

A. go to a movie by bike B. go to school by bus

C. go shopping D. stay at home

4. Edward didnt want to spend much ____ on movies.

A. time B. study C. energy D. money

5. Which sentence is right? ____.


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