中学课程辅导·高考版 2009年4期


倒装是一种语法手段,用于表示一定的句子结构或强调某一句子成分。倒装句有两种:完全倒装和部分倒装。完全倒装即把整个谓语放到主语之前 (是整个谓语动词,而非助动词)。部分倒装即只把谓语的一部分 (如助动词、情态动词等) 放到主语前,把句子的强调成分提前,下面谈谈倒装的15个高考英语高频考点。


以地点副词here, there和时间副词now,then 开头,后面的动词是be, come, exist, fall, follow, go, lie, remain, seem, stand等,而主语又是名词时,构成完全倒装句。(答案分别为D)

例:Under that tree sits a beautiful girl. (那棵树下坐着一位美丽的姑娘。)

(1) _________ from the tenth floor when the policeman pointed his pistol at him.

A. Jumped down the burglarB. Down the burglar jumped

C. The burglar jumps down D. Down jumped the burglar


当否定副词never置于句首时,其后习惯上要用倒装语序 (与一般疑问句形式相同)。如:(答案分别为BA)

(1) Never in my wildest dreams _________ these people are living in such poor conditions.

A. I could imagine B. could I imagine C. I couldnt imagine D. couldnt I imagine

(2) Never before _________ in greater need of modern public transport than it is today.

A. has this city been B. this city has been C. was this city D. this city was

2. 考查little置于句首时的倒装


(1) Little _________ that we were watching his every move, so he seemed to be going his own way in this business.

A. he realized B. he didnt realize C. didnt he realize D. did he realize

(2) They have a good knowledge of English but little _________ they know about German.

A. have B. did C. had D. do



(1) Seldom _________ any apology when mistakes are made.

A. we receive B. do we receive C. we received D. did we receive

(2) Seldom _________ an article that was so full of lies.

A. have I read B. I have read C. had I read D. I had read

4.考查hardly / scarcely….when…置于句首时的倒装

当否定副词hardly, scarcely等置于句首时,其后习惯上要用倒装语序(与一般疑问句形式相同)。如:(答案为AD)

(1) Hardly when it began to rain。

A. had he arrived B. arrived heC. he had arrived D. did he arrive

(2) Scarcelythe station when it started to rain.

A. did I reachedB. reached I C. I had reached D. had I reached

5.考查no sooner等置于句首时的倒装

当no sooner…than…, no longer等结构置于句首时,其后习惯上要用倒装语序 (与一般疑问句形式相同)。如:(答案分别为AA)

(1) —Did Linda see the traffic accident?

—No, no sooner _________ than it happened.

A. had she gone B. she had gone C. has she gone D. she has gone

(2) _________ to sleep than the telephone rang once again.

A. No sooner had he gone B. No sooner did he go

C. He no sooner went D. He had gone no sooner



(1) Maybe you have been to many countries, but nowhere else ______ such a beautiful place.

A. can you find B. you could findC. you can find D. could you find

7.考查by no means等置于句首时的倒装

当表示否定意义的副词性短语under no circumstances ,by no means, on no accounts, in no case,等置于句首时,其后习惯上要用倒装语序 (与一般疑问句形式相同)。如:(答案为D C)

(1) Ive tried very hard to improve my English. But by no means _______ with my progress.

A. the teacher is not satisfied B. is the teacher not satisfied

C. the teacher is satisfied D. is the teacher satisfied

(2)—Can I use the telephone on the table, sir?

—Under no circumstances to use the telephone in the office for personal affairs .

A. anyone is allowed B. nobody is allowed C. is anyone allowed D. is nobody allowed

8.考查not only置于句首时的倒装

当not only…but also句式的not only部分置于句首时,其后习惯上要用倒装语序 (与一般疑问句形式相同)。如:(答案为B)

(1) _______ snacks and drinks but they also brought cards for entertainment when they had a picnic in the forest.

A. Not only they brought B. Not only did they bring

C. Not only brought they D. Not only they did bring

9.考查not until置于句首时的倒装

当not…until句式转换成not until且置于句首时,其后的主句部分习惯上要用倒装语序(与一般疑问句形式相同)。如:(答案为B)

(1) Not until I began to work _________ how much time I had wasted.

A. didnt I realize B. did I realizeC. I didnt realize D. I realized


当“only+状语”置于句首时(only 后为副词、介词短语、状语从句),其后习惯上要用倒装语序 (与一般疑问句形式相同)。如:(答案为DA)

(1) Only then _________ how much damage had been caused. (陕西卷)

A. she realized B. she had realized C. had she realized D. did she realize

(2) Only when one loses freedom _________ its value.

A. does one knowB. one does knowC. does know one D. know one does


当so…that句式的“so+形容词”部分置于句首时,其后习惯上要用倒装语序 (与一般疑问句形式相同)。如:(答案为BBB)

(1) _________ that Maric was able to set up new branches elsewhere.

A. So successful her business was B. So successful was her business

C. So her business was successful D. So was her successful business

(2) So difficult _________ it to work out the problem that I decided to ask Tom for advice.

A. I did find B. did I find C. I have found D. have I found

(3)____ about wild plants that they decided to make a trip to Madagascar for further research.

A. So curious the couple was B. So curious were the couple

C. How curious the couple were D. The couple was such curious

12.考查类似“so do I”结构的倒装

So do I这类结构表示的是前面提出的某一肯定的情况,后者也同样适用,通常可译为“……也一样”,“……也是如此”。如:(答案为CA)

(1) — My room gets very cold at night. — _________.

A. So is mine B. So mine is C. So does mine D. So mine does

(2) —Its burning hot today, isnt it? —Yes. _________ yesterday.

A. So was it B. So it was C. So it is D. So is it

13.考查类似“nor / neither do I”结构的倒装

nor [neither] do I这类结构表示的是前面提出的某一否定的情况,后者也同样适用,通常可译为“……也一样”,“……也是如此”。如:(答案为B)

(1) If Joes wife wont go to the party, _________.

A. he will either B. neither will heC. he neither will D. either he will

14.省略if 的条件句中,were,had或should提到句首构成部分倒装。(答案为C、D)

(1)_______ right now, she would get there on Sunday.

A .Would she leaveB. If she leaveC.Were she to leave D.If she had left

(2) your letter, I wouldhave started off two days ago.

A. If I could have received B.If I received C. Should I receiveD. Had I received

15.as作“尽管”讲,用于形容词 (或名词、动词) + as / though引导让步状语从句时,要采用倒装语序。注意这种倒装句中,主谓并不倒装。如果从句的标语是名词,名词前不加冠词。(答案为A)

(1) , Carolina couldnt get the door open。

A. Try as she mightB. As she might try C. She might as tryD. Might she as try


1. Not until I began to work_______how much time I hand wasted.

A. didnt I realize B. did I realize C. I didnt realizeD. I realized

2. Only when your identity has been checked _______.

A. you are allowed inB. you will be allowed in C. will you allow in D. will you be allowed in

3. Mary never does any reading in the evening,_______.

A. so does John B. John does too C. John doesnt tooD. nor does John

4. _______, he talks a lot about his favorite singers after class.

A. A quite student as he may beB. Quiet student as he may be

C. Be a quite student as he mayD. Quiet as he may be a student

5. Only after my friend came_______.

A. did the computer repairB. he repaired the computer

C. was the computer repairedD. the computer was repaired

6.—Maggie had a wonderful time at the party. —_______,and so did I.

A. So she hadB. So had sheC. So she did D. so I did

7._______about wild paints that they decided to make a trip to Madagascar for further research.

A. So curious the couple was B. So curious were the couple

C. How curious the couple wereD. The couple was such curious

8. Look! There _______ the bus.

A. will come B. comesC. has comeD. is coming

9. Not only_______a writer but he was an artist for a time.

A. he is B. he wasC. is he D. was he

10. No sooner_______his talk than he the workers.

A. he finished, surrounded all B. did he finish, did surround

C. had he finished, was surrounded byD. after he finished, was surrounded near

11. Little_______know about verbs, so Franz his head.

A. did he, dared not liftB. he, dare not lift

C. did he, dare not to lift D. doesnt, doesnt dare lift

12. Never_______forget the days when together with you.

A. shall I, I liveB. shall I, did I live C. I shall, livedD. I shall, did I live

13. So loudly_______ that every one of the class could hear him.

A. did he speakB. did he spokeC. spoke heD. he spoke

14. Hardly_______when the bus suddenly pulled away.

A. they had got to the bus stopB. they got to the bus stop

C. did they get to the bus stop D. had they got to the bus stop

15._______I had time ,I would have run round that lake again.

A. IfB. Unless C. HadD. When

参考答案:1—5 BDDBC 6—10 CBBDC 11—15 AAADC