阅读与作文(英语初中版) 2009年1期

Video Games

Video games have become more and more popular in China in recent years. No matter where you go, you can always find some youngsters1 or even adults indulging2 themselves in the games. They play the games in clubs, stores or even in their homes.

Obviously, video games are one kind of entertainment. They can bring much pleasure to the players,train them to respond quickly, stimulate3 their imagination and arouse their interest in electronics4 and computers. In a word, video games can play a good part in the development of the player's intelligence and imagination.

Video games have also produced some bad effects in our society. Some young people, especially school children, spend so much time playing the games that they have got very poor grades at school. Some young people have had their eyesight seriously damaged. In my opinion, only when one can exercise5 proper control over himself can he gain some benefits from the video games.


1 youngster n. 小孩

2 indul ge vt. 沉迷于

3 stimulate vt. 激励,刺激

4 electronics n. 电子学

5 exercise vt. 施加


Computer is coming into our home now. In the office, we see people work with the help of computer. Computer becomes more and more important in modern society. It brings a lot of change in the way people write and work. Mother tells me that 10 years ago people do not know how to write by computer. They use a lot of paper. What's more, they have to do a lot of copying1and rewriting2. In the office, now I see that the people write things by the use of computers. Father says that computer writing saves a lot of time. Computer has a lot of functions which make'it easy to write and rewrite. It is one of the revolutions that happen in the office. In addition, computer can be programmed3 to work in a special way according to man's instructions.

Father bought a computer to use at home. He taught me some simple way to use computer. My father tells me that another advantage computer has is that you can see what happens in the world by browsing4 the Internet. On it you can find a lot of information. The amount of information that is stored in a computer is unlimited. It opens another world to us. We can find information of almost all fields--on science, on international affair, on business. You can even enter one of the libraries in a foreign country. It is amazing. On a computer you can even play computer games. Whatever you need, you go to search for it on computer. It will be helpful.

It requires a lot of skill to make good use of computer. Once I learned to type on computer. I pressed the wrong button. In a few seconds, all of my previous5 job turned to nothing. I hated computer at that moment, for it wasted my time. Later I sought help from mother and found that there was something wrong with my opera- tion.

So we must learn more knowledge in order to qualify for the future society. The society of computer already challenges us a lot.


1 copy vt. 复印

2 rewriting n. 重写,改写

3 programn. 编程序

4 browse vt. 浏览

5 previous adj. 以前的

The Uses of Oil

It's hard to think how our life would change if the world ran out of1 oil. Because oil is everywhere in our life. Let's make a simple list of its uses.

The roof of our home is probably made waterproof2 by an oil product and the same product is used for the road surface.

In our kitchens and bathrooms, many things come from oil or petroleum, such as plastics, nylon3 curtains and cosmetics4.

In the fields, fertilizers5, which can improve crop production, are made from petroleum.

The car uses petroleum products to move. Even our clothes are based on them.

As we know oil is so important in our life and oil can be used up, we should not waste oil.


1 run out of 用完

2 waterproof adj. 防水的

3 nylon n. 尼龙;尼龙制品

4 cosmetic n. 化妆品

5 fertilizern. 肥料

Traffic Jam1

Traffic problem is serious in China now.Since China is a country with a large population2. In cities, especially in the center of cities, it is crowded. In the supermarket, people push each other. On the road the cars wait in long lines waiting before the traffic lights.

The traffic jam is a headache to everyone. Cars have to wait a long time to pass the road. The people have to waste their time waiting. Sometimes it can be half an hour' s wait if it is too bad. The drivers look worried in the face. The traffic police men shout loudly to clear up the road. It seems there is no way out.

The problem is that the road conditions are not satisfactory. Now with the development of the transportation3, roads are becoming wider and wider. Still this development can hardly catch up with the increasing number of the cars everywhere. Now even some families are beginning to buy cars. Cars of many kinds, buses and trolleybus4 etc. all come on road. A large number of taxies join in. The streets and roads everywhere are filled with vehicles. It is a world of boiling sea of cars during the rush hours5.

The traffic jam can be worse there if one or two cars hit each other or if accident happens. A lot of cars will be stopped on road. Some men disobey traffic rules. This can also lead to traffic jam.

Of course sometimes the building of a new road or many kinds of constructing work can cause the traffic problem too.

People go by car or bus. It is an efficient way. It can save a lot of time if everything goes on smoothly. Traffic jam, however can bring trouble to the people. We have to do a lot of work to solve the problem. We are glad to see in some ways things are improving, are getting better now.


1 jam n. 堵塞,拥挤

2populationn. 人口


4trolleybusn. 无轨电车

5rush hoursn. phr. 高峰时间


Telephone is installed1 in almost all houses in the city now. It is a very convenient means by which people communicate with each other. Before telephone was installed in my house,we had to go outside to a public phone to make phone calls. Now with the telephone at home, we can easily pick it up2 and call whenever we need.

Nowadays telephone is important, for we are in a society of telecommunications.We need to communicate with others more quickly and efficienfiy. Now we see many mobile telephones3 people have in their hands, so that they can easily talk and get information you want. It makes life convenient and easy. With the development of modern society, the telephone will be more advanced4. We can have a telephone like a TV. It may have a screen on which we can see the face of the person on the other side. One day I watch TV, and see a telephone like that. Some people talk in one country. The people in another country can receive their call. This is the international call5.

Once I read in an English book which says that in Britain there is a telephone exhibition where telephones of various kinds are shown. You can find the telephones of different times, from the first one made in the world to the ones recently invented. At the exhibition, they even have the smallest one in the world. It is a world of telephones. Many people go there to have a look. Many traders do business there. One Chinese company is there to display their products recently made. When I read about the Chinese products I feel proud that our country is no longer left behind in the technology of telephone production.


1 install vt. 安装

2 pick it up v. phr. 拿起

3 mobile telephonenn. phr. 移动电话

4 advanced adj. 高级的先进的

5 international call n. phr.国际长途电话