阅读与作文(英语初中版) 2009年1期

1. 他多大年纪?/他几岁了?

a) How old is he?

b) How old do you think he is?

c) What's his age?

2. 他二十岁。

a) He is twenty (years old).

b) He is twenty years of age.

c) He is aged twenty (years).

d) His age is twenty (years).

3. 他已经二十岁了。

a) He is already twenty (years old).

b) He has turned twenty.

c) He has reached the age of twenty.

4. 他是一个二十岁的学生。

a) He is a twenty-year-old student.

b) He is a student who is twenty (years old).

e) He is a student of twenty (years).

d) He is a student aged twenty (years).

e) He is a student at the age of twenty.

5. 他大约二十岁。/他二十岁左右。

a) He is about twenty (years old).

b) He is approximately twenty (years old).

c) He is around twenty.

d) He is rounding twenty.

6. 他年近二十岁。

a) He is nearly twenty (years old).

b) He is near to twenty.

c) He is nearing twenty.

d) He is (getting on) toward twenty.

e) He is approaching twenty.

f) He is hard on twenty.

7. 他刚到二十岁。

He has just touched twenty.

8. 当他二十岁时。

a) When he was twenty (years old).

b) When he was at the age of twenty.

c) When he was at twenty.

d) When he was in his twenty-first year.

9. 他二十来岁。

a) He is in his twenties.

b) He is over twenty (years old).

c) He is more than twenty (years old).

10. 他二十岁刚出头。/他二十一、二岁。

He is in his early twenties.

11. 他二十好几了。/他二十四、五岁。

a) He is in his middle twenties.

b) He is well over twenty (years old).

12. 他二十八、九岁。/他快三十岁了。

a) He is in his late twenties.

b) He is deep in his twenties.

13. 他十来岁。

He is in his teens.

14. 他与我同岁。

a) He is as old as I am.

b) He is as old as me.

c) He is the sameage (as) I am.

d) He is of my age.

15. 我们同岁。

We are of the same age.

16. 他比我岁数大/小。

a) He is older/younger than I (am) /me.

b) He is older/younger in years than I (am) /me.

17. 他比我大/小几岁。

He is years older/younger than I (am)/me.

18. 他比我大/小两岁。

He is two years older/younger than I (am)line. 19. 他四十岁,可看上去大约三十岁。

He is forty, but looks about thirty.

20. 他显出他的年龄。

He shows his years.

21. 他显不出他的年龄。

He does not show his years.

22. 他相貌跟年龄相符。

He looks his age.

23. 他相貌跟年龄不相符。

He does not look his age.

24. 他看上去年老/年轻。

He looks old/young.

25. 他看上去比实际年龄大/小。

a) He looks older/younger than his years/(real/

actual) age.

b) He is old/young for his years/age.

26. 他看上去比实际年龄大/小十岁。

He looks ten years older/younger than his

(real/actual) age.

27. 他看上去大于/小于三十岁。

He looks older/younger than thirty.

28. 这是个十个月的婴儿。

a) This is a ten-month-old baby.

b) The baby is ten-month-old.

29. 他尚未成年。

a) He is still young/under age.

b) He is not grown up yet.


a) He is a young person.

b) He is a youngster/teenager/juvenile.

c) He is an adolescent.

d) He is a minor.

31. 他已成年。

a) He has/is grown up.

b) He has come of age.

32. 他是一个成年人。

a) He is a grown-up.

b) He is an adult.

c) He is a person of mature years.

33. 他已到了结婚年龄。

He has reached a marriageable age.

34. 他已过结婚年龄。

He has passed a marriageable age.

35. 他正近中年。

He is approaching middle age.

36. 他已到中年。

a) He is middle-aged now.

b) He has reaehed middle age.

37. 他是个中年男子。

a) He is a middle-aged man.

b) He is a man of middle age.

38. 他正变老。

a) He is getting/growing old.

b) He is aging/ageing.

39. 他年老。

He is old/advanced in years.

40. 他已年老。

He is already/well advanced in years.

41. 当他年老时/在他晚年时

a) when he was old

b) when he was in his old/late age

e) when he was at a good old age

d) when he was at an extremely old/advanced


42. 他是一位老人。

a) He is an old/aged man.

b) He is an elderly.

c) He is a man at old age.

d) He is a man in his old age.

e) He is a man of advanced age.


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