新目标英语八年级(上)Unit1 STEP BY STEP随堂通

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Step 1 (for Section A)

Ⅰ. 英汉互译。

1. 多久一次__________________

2. 很少,偶尔__________________

3. 上网__________________

4. 你最喜欢的节目__________________

5. 去看电影__________________

6. 活动调查__________________

Ⅱ. 单项选择。

( )1. —______ will the sports camp last?

—For about two weeks.

A. How far B. How often

C. How long D. How many times

( )2. —______ will she finish making the last movie?

—In a week.

A. How often B. How soon

C. How long D. How many times

( )3. Pass me my glasses, Lisa. I can ______ read the words in the paper.

A. not hardly B. hardly

C. not hard D. hard

( )4. —How often does he play computer games?


A. For two hours B. A time a week

C. Twice a week D. Once upon a time

( )5. Not ______ Canadians speak English.

A. the B. all

C. all of D. every of

( )6. Jack always finishes his work on time. He ______ leaves it for tomorrow.

A. always B. never

C. usually D. hardly

Ⅲ. 完形填空。

All over the world people enjoy sports. Sports help people keep____1____, happy and to live longer.

People____2____different games in winter and summer. Summer is good for swimming. And in winter people often go skating. Some sports are very____3____and people like them very much. For example, football is very____4____. In China, most people,men, women, boys andgirls, like to____5____football games. They often talk about it. Some people often play football. Running and jumping began long, long____6____. But basketball and volleyball are rather____7____. People began to play them not long ago. And people are starting new sports or games all the____8____. Water skiing is one of the newest.

People from different____9____may not be able to understand each other, but after a gamethey often____10____friends.

( )1. A. well B. fine C. young D. healthy

( )2. A. take B. do C. work D. play

( )3. A. boring B. funny

C. interestingD. relaxing

( )4. A. popular B. easy

C. important D. special

( )5. A. see B. look C. watchD. enjoy

( )6. A. before B. earlier

C. ago D. later

( )7. A. old B. new C. useful D. different

( )8. A. moment B. while

C. time D. day

( )9. A. schools B. cities

C. weather D. countries

( )10. A. turnB. go C. become D. seem

Step 2 (for Section B)

Ⅰ. 英汉互译。

1. 对健康有益__________________

2. 垃圾食品 __________________

3. 饮食习惯__________________

4. 照顾 __________________

5. 保持健康__________________

Ⅱ. 单项选择。

( )1. My mother doesnt want ______ at home for too long.

A. I to stay B. medont stay

C. me staying D. me to stay

( )2. Eating a lot of vegetables ______ us to keep in good ______.

A. helps; health B. help; healthy

C. help; health D. helps; healthy

( )3. ______ he is so heavy, ______ he eats a lot every day.

A. Although; but B. Although; so

C. Although; / D. Though; but

( )4. Sonia is bad ______ science, so she ______ study it well.

A. for; try to B. to; tries to

C. at; tries to D. in; is trying to

( )5. Is your hairstyle ______?

A. same as his B. the same as he

C. the same as him D. the same as his

( )6. Thelittleboylookshealthy, ______ he doesnt eat too much.

A. so B. and

C. although D. because

Ⅲ. 阅读理解。

English breakfast is a very big meal— eggs, tomatoes, tea, coffee ...

For many people lunch is a quick meal. In cities there are a lot of sandwich bars, where office workers can buy the kind of bread they want—brown, white, or a roll— and then all kinds of salad and meat or fish to go in the sandwich. School children can have a hot meal at school, but many just take a sandwich, a drink and some fruit from home.

Tea means two things. It is a drink and a meal!Some people have afternoon tea, with sandwiches, cakes and a cup of tea.

They usually have supper quite early, at about 6:00, and all the family eat together.

On Sundays many families have a traditional (传统的) lunch. They have chicken, pork withpotatoes, egetables ...

The Englishmen like food from other counties, too, especially(尤其是) French,Chinese, Italian and Indian. People often get take-away meals—theybuythefoodoutsideand then bring them home.

( )1. Many English people have a ______ breakfast and a ______ lunch.

A. fast; small B. little; slow

C. big; quick D. slow; big

( )2. The office workers can buy the ______ bread for lunch.

A. white B. black C. red D. orange

( )3. What dont they have when they have afternoon tea according to this passage?

A. Sandwiches B. Chicken.

C. Cakes. D. A cup of tea.

( )4. How long do they have supper?

A. Six or eight hours.

B. About two hours.

C. Half an hour. D. We dont know.

( )5. When people buy take-away food, they eat them _____.

A. at home B. in the school

C. outside D. in the bars

Step 3(for sel

Ⅰ. 英汉互译。

1. 一种健康的生活方式____________

2. 多运动____________

3. 尽量少吃肉____________

4. 尽量不在太阳下看书____________

5. 多长时间____________

6. 尽最大努力学好英语____________

7. 一段时间____________

8. 帮我学得更好____________

9. how soon ____________

10. sometime ____________

Ⅱ. 单项选择。

( )1. Although I have some fruit sometimes, I ______ very healthy.

A. am may B. may not be

C. may am D. maybe

( )2. LeiFeng is no longer living, ______ his spirit lives on today.

A. if B. when

C. although D. but

( )3. Brushing your teeth twice a day is good______ your teeth.

A. for B. at C. with D. to

( )4. Lin Fei, my classmate, ______ for the math test last night.

A. both studied B. study both

C. studied D. study

( )5. There is no grass land ______ flowers in that place.

A. and B. or C. but D. so

( )6. —Wherere my keys? I cant find them.

—They ______ in your bag.

A. maybe B. may be

C. can be D. could

( )7. Your father is sleeping. ______ make any noise.

A. Dont try to B. Try to

C. Try not to D. Try dont

Ⅲ. 阅读理解填词。

Our eating habits are very important for good health and a strong body. There are times when m____1____of us like e____2____sweets and ice-cream, they are not bad for us if we eat them at the e____3____of a meal. If we eat them before a meal, they may take a____4____our appetite (食欲). Its important for us to h____5____our meals at regular (有规律的) time each day. When we f____6____worried or excited, we may not want to eat. A long time ago, in England, some judges (法官) often decided whether a man was telling the truth byg____7____him some dry bread. If a man c____8____ not swallow (吞) the bread, it meant that he wasnt telling the truth.

Though this seems strange and foolish, they thought it was a good way of f____9____out the truth. If a man is worried about s____10____, he or she will have difficulty in swallowing anything dry because he loses his appetite.

1. m______ 2. e______ 3. e______

4. a______ 5. h______ 6. f______

7. g______ 8. c______ 9. f______

10. s______


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