新目标英语八年级(上)Unit 4知识要点与中考考点链接


中学生英语·外语教学与研究 2008年10期


1.【知识要点】 —How does Bob get to school?

—He takes the train.

【中考链接】 —______ do they like to study?

—They like to study in groups. (2007宁夏)

A. When B. Why

C. How D. Where

【解析】 选C。how可用来表示方法、手段等,意思是“怎样、如何”。

2. 【知识要点】 It takes about 25 minutes to walk and 10 minutes by bus.

【中考链接】 1) —Will you get there by ______ train?

—No , Ill take ______ taxi. (2007天津)

A. / ; a B. a ; the

C. / ; / D. the ; a

2) 我从这里步行到学校要20分钟。(2007内蒙古乌兰察布市)

It ______ me twenty minutes to ______ from here to school.

【解析】 1)选A。“介词by+ 表示交通工具的名词”结构可表示交通方式,名词前不用冠词或其它修饰词;动词take也可表示“乘……交通工具”,在句中作谓语,结构为“take + a / the +表示交通工具的名词”。

2)填takes, walk。take作“花费”时间用时,一般用于“It takes +某人+时间+ to do sth.”句型中。

3. 【知识要点】 Then he leaves for school at around six-thirty.

【中考链接】 —Do you have any plans for our summer vacation?

—I am ______ for London next Sunday. (2007福建厦门)

A. going toB. leaving C. will go

【解析】 选B。leave for的意思是“动身前往……”,介词for后面接要去的地方。动词leave的现在进行时表将来。

4. 【知识要点】 In China, it depends on where you are.

【中考链接】 Try to give its meaning when you meet a new word. Dont ______ your dictionary all the time. ( 2007辽宁沈阳)

A. work on B. take on

C. keep on D. depend on

【解析】 选D。work on意思是“从事”,take on意思是“呈现”,keep on意思是“继续”,depend on意思是“依靠”。

5. 【知识要点】 That must be a lot more fun than taking a bus!

【中考链接】 You ______ be tired after working for eight hours without a rest. (2007广东)

A. can B. may C. must D. need

【解析】 选C。情态动词must可以表示肯定的推测,意思是“一定、准是”。

6. 【知识要点】 Other parts of the world are different from the United States.

【中考链接】 Most of my classmates dont like to talk to their parents, but I am ______ them. (2007青海)

A. different from B. surprised at

C. the same as

【解析】 选A。根据句意来判断,应用表示“与……不同”意思的短语be different from。

7. 【知识要点】 What do you think of the transportation in your town?

【中考链接】 —What do you ______ your hometown?

—I love it very much. (2007内蒙古乌兰察布)

A. look at B. talk about

C. think of D. think over

【解析】 选C。think of的意思是“对……有特定的看法/想法”,常用在句型What do you think of ...?中,意思是“你认为/觉得……怎么样?”。