中学英语之友·上 2008年12期

1. My cars n____ is 56789.

2. My name is Tom Brown. Nice to m____ you.

3. My f____ name is Ann.

4. Whats your p____ number?

5. Is this a pencil c____?

6. He likes playing c____ games.

7. Here is the k____ to the bike.

8. How do you s____ pen?

9. Its my school ID c____.

10. E____ me, David. Is this your watch?

11. S____ you soon, dear Emma.

12. A____ those your friends?

13. I n____ an alarm clock.

14. There is a p____ on the wall.

15. My backpack is on the c____.

16. My hat is on the f____, under my bed.

17. W____ are my pen and pencil?

18. She doesnt like chicken, but she likes v____.

19. Is she a movie s____?

20. Jack and I p____ tennis.

21. ——How much are your blue pants?

——Its 38 d____.

22. ——What c____ do you like?


23. ——Can I h____ you?

——Yes, please.

24. ——Thank you.

——Youre w____.

25. ——When is your b____, Lucy?

——Its February 5th.

26. ——Is the ruler long or ____?

——Its long.

27. ——Whats five and seven?

——Its t____.

28. ——Whats the p____ of the backpack?

——Its seventy yuan.

29. ——Can you answer the questions?

——S____, I cant.

30. ——Which month is the t____ month in a year?


31. ——Whats the d____ today?

——Its November fifteenth.

32. ——Is his father a teacher?

——Yes, his mother is a____ a teacher.

33. ——Have a good t____.

——Thank you.

34. ——I dont know her a____.

——Oh, shes twelve.

35. ——Shall we go to a m____ this evening?

——Thats a good idea.

36. ——Wheres my pen. I cant f____ it.

——It doesnt matter. You can use mine.

37. ——The story is r____ exciting.

——I think so.

38. ——Why are you so s____?

——Because my mother is ill(病的)。

39. ——Whats your f____ color?

——Its red.

40. ——What do you often do on w____?

——I often watch TV at home.

41. We want two m____ for our band.

42. Her e-mail a____ is

43. Tom can play the g____ but he cant play it well.

44. Mary can play the t____ and the piano.

45. I cant sing, b____ I can play the violin.

46. ——Marys birthday is June fourth.

——I know, and Mary wants to have a birthday p____ on that day. Can you come to it?

47. ——Can you sing?

——No, but d____.

48. ——What language does your pen pal speak?

——F____. She is from France.

49. ——What kind of m____ do you like?

——I like thrillers and also comedies.

50. ——What's Vera doing?

——She's w____ the early morning news on TV.

Keys:1.number 3.friend's/first 7.key8.spell 9.card 10.Excuse 11.See 12.Are 13.need 14.picture 15.chair 16.floor 17.Where 18.vegetables 21.dollars 22.color 24.welcome 25.birthday 26.short 27.twelve 28.price 29.Sorry 32.also 33.trip/time 34.age 36.find 37.really 38.sad 39.favorite 40.weekends 41.musicians 42.address 43.guitar 44.trumpet 45.but 48.French 49.movies 50.watching