中学英语之友·高三版 2008年7期

耿 让

The small town in northern Manitoba that was first in Canada to ban(禁止) plastic shopping bags is now turning its attention to gas-powered vehicles.

Leaf Rapids Mayor(镇长) Ed Charrier wants residents to drive electric cars around town to reduce greenhouse gases. “Why would you start your gas-powered vehicle for a two-second ride when you could jump in an electric car?” asked Charrier, who plans to buy his own electric car next spring.

While he doesnt plan to ban gas-powered automobiles, he will promote energy-saving electric cars. The town of 600 people is only about three kilometres from end to end, with homes, shops, parks and the lake connected by a network of roads.

Charrier said theyre examining other incentives(奖励措施) for residents to turn to electric cars that can travel about 70 kilometres before the batteries need recharging.

Hundreds of officials from towns and cities across North America have called to ask about Leaf Rapids historic bylaw(地方法规) that banned single-use plastic bags last April. The town was getting so many calls that it posted the bylaw on its website.

“I never ever dreamt that it would be this big,” said Charrier. Tofino, another town in Canada, followed Leaf Rapids example and banned plastic bags. The Ontario Environment Ministry has asked residents to reduce their plastic bag use by 50 per cent over the next five years.

Leaf Rapids move also sparked threats of legal action from the Canadian Plastics Industry Association. “Its our opinion that Leaf Rapids actions are illegal,” Association spokeswoman Cathy Circo said. But nothing has come of it, Charrier added.

Circo noted that Leaf Rapids has only a half-dozen stores so its ban would be difficult to copy elsewhere.

The plastics industry supports voluntary reductions as well as reuse and recycling programs, Circo said.

1. From the first two paragraphs, Leaf Rapids ____.

A. plans to buy his own electric car next spring

B. is a small town in southern Manitoba in Canada

C. is now turning its attention to gas-powered vehicles

D. is a leader of a small town in southern Manitoba in Canada

2. In Ed Charriers opinion, driving electric cars in Leaf Rapids is ____.

A. safe and fashionable B. convenient and popular

C. common and comfortable D. eco-friendly and economical

3. Leaf Rapids bylaw that banned plastic bags ____.

A. caused many problems

B. attracted lots of attention

C. caused a lot of legal actions

D. was questioned by its residents

4. What does the underlined part mean? ____.

A. The Canadian Plastics Industry Association hasnt taken his town to court

B. The Canadian Plastics Industry Association has won no legal

support from court

C. The Canadian Plastics Industry Association pays no attention to the environment

D. The Canadian Plastics Industry Association hasnt started any

recycling problems

5. The main idea of this passage is that ____.

A. a small town is banning plastic shopping bags

B. a small town is banning gas-powered vehicles

C. a small town is taking measures to protect the environment

D. a small town has become the biggest enemy of the plastic industry