中学英语之友·下(综合版) 2008年5期

张 宇

1. Mr. Wang ____ be in Nanjing now; he went to Beijing only this


A. mustnt B. may not C. cant D. neednt

2. ——Must I stay at home, Mum?

——No, you ____.

A. neednt B. mustnt C. dont D. may not

3. ——Can you go swimming with us this afternoon?

——Sorry, I cant. I ____ take care of my little sister at home

because my mother is ill.

A. can B. may C. would D. have to

4. ——May I go to the cinema, Mum?

——Certainly. But you ____ be back by 11 oclock.

A. can B. may C. must D. need

5. To make our city more beautiful, rubbish ____ into the river.

A. neednt be thrown B. mustnt be thrown

C. cant throw D. may not throw

6. ——May I go out to play basketball, Dad?

——No, you ____. You must finish your homework first.

A. mustnt B. may not C. couldnt D. neednt

7. ——Where is Jack, please?

——He ____ be in the reading room.

A. can B. need C. would D. must

8. ——Who is the man over there? Is it Mr. Li?

——No, it ____ be him. Mr. Li is much taller.

A. mustnt B. may not C. cant D. neednt

9. These books ____ out of the reading room. You have to read them here.

A. cant take B. must be taken

C. can take D. mustnt be taken

10. ——Mum, may I watch TV now?

——Sure, but you ____ help me with my housework first.

A. can B. may C. must D. could

11. The boy said he had to speak English in class, but he ____ speak it

after class.

A. could B. didnt have to

C. might D. shouldnt

12. ——Must we hand in the papers now?

——No, you ____.

A. cant B. may not C. mustnt D. neednt

13. John ____ go there with us tonight, but he isnt very sure about it.

A. must B. can C. will D. may

14. Even the top students in our class cant work out this problem. So it

____ be very difficult.

A. can B. may C. must D. need

15. Put on more clothes. You ____ be feeling cold with only a shirt on.

A. can B. could C. would D. must

16. Its still early. You ____.

A. mustnt hurry B. wouldnt hurry

C. may not hurry D. dont have to hurry

17. ——May I stop here?

——No, you ____.

A. mustnt B. might not C. neednt D. wont

18. A computer ____ think for itself; it must be told what to do.

A. cant B. couldnt C. may not D. might not

19. ——Could I borrow your dictionary?

——Yes, of course you ____.

A. might B. will C. can D. should

20. Peter ____ come with us tonight, but he isnt very sure yet.

A. must B. may C. can D. will

21. Michael ____ be a policeman, for hes much too short.

A. neednt B. cant C. should D. may

22. ____ I know your name?

A. May B. Will C. Shall D. Must

23. You ____ be more careful next time.

A. have to B. may C. must D. might

24. You ____ miss the lesson, though we ____ have it on Thursday.

A. mustnt; neednt B. neednt; mustnt

C. mustnt; mustnt D. neednt; neednt

25. This pen looks like mine, yet it isnt. Whose ____ it be?

A. must B. may C. would D. can

26. What kinds of homes will we live in the future? Nobody ____ be

sure, but scientists are working out new ideas now.

A. will B. may C. can D. must

27. I ____ like to know where you were born.

A. shall B. should C. do D. may

28. ____ you be happy!

A. Might B. Must C. Wish D. May

29. A teacher ____ do every exercise, but a student must.

A. may not B. neednt C. cant D. mustnt

30. The matter ____ be changed into a gas, but it ____ be heated to its

boiling point.

A. may; neednt B. may; can

C. mustnt; neednt D. can; must

31. Teachers and students ____ look coldly at you for a day or two, but

there are friendly feelings in their hearts.

A. must B. can C. may D. should

32. Cars and buses ____ stop when the traffic lights turn red.

A. can B. need C. may D. must

33. ——Do you think his story ____ true?

——I dont think so. But it sounds good.

A. must be B. may be C. can be D. has to be

34. Look out!The knife is very sharp. You ____ cut your finger.

A. need B. must C. should D. may

35. ——How long ____ the book be kept?

——For two weeks, but you ____ return it on time.

A. can; may B. may; need C. can; must D. must; need

36. ——May I have an apple, Mum?

——Certainly. But you ____ wash your hands first.

A. may B. must C. can D. need

37. ——Shall I tell John about the bad news?

——No, you ____. I think that will make him sad.

A. neednt B. wouldnt C. shouldnt D. mustnt

38. ——Could I call you by your first name?

——Yes, you ____.

A. will B. could C. may D. might

39. ——____ the man there be our new teacher?

——He ____ be, but Im not sure.

A. May; mustnt B. Can; may C. Must; cant D. Can; cant

40. ——Someone is knocking at the door. Who ____ it be?

——It ____ be Tom. He is still in the school.

A. can; cant B. can; mustnt C. might; could D. might; may