2008-04-01王 璐

中学英语之友·上 2008年2期

王 璐


I live in a large house far from the centre of the city. __1__ are two floors in the house. I___2___with my parents and my grandparents. My bedroom is on the second __3__. It is a beautiful room. I often do my homework there. There is a____4___in my bedroom. On Saturday and____5____I play computer games and sometimes I____6____with my friends on the Internet.The sitting room and the kitchen are on the first floor. My parents and grandparents____7____watch TV in the sitting room. We have a big garden____8____many flowers in it. My grandfather often works there. On Mid- autumn Day we sit in the garden, eat the mooncakes and____9____the moon. __10__ nice!I love my family! I like my house very much.